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I (Sal) met a guy name Binaya from Nepal back in 2002. He was actually a housemate of mine for only less than a month because he transferred from UMM to Mankato State University (a.k.a. Minnesota State University-Mankato) in the Fall of 2002. It was cool to meet a guy from this country, which I'm still (Wednesday, October 10th of 2007) learning about...

I was in one of the chatrooms of Myspace and met Sameer, which he interested me to learn more about his country. I decided to make this site...

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  • Sam's House

  • " Mission Statement At Sam's House, we embrace the future by providing a home, family, education, and love to abandoned and orphaned children in Nepal. We believe that love, security and education are essential rights as well as key components of any child's ability to thrive in and contribute to the world. The people of Nepal, the kindness of their culture, and their devotion to family and friends inspire our organization. As Nepal works to overcome its present challenges, Sam's House teaches respect, friendship and love of country.
    Sam’s House is named in honor of Sam Rothchild, grandfather of one of our trustees. Sam came to the United States from Europe in the 1910s and lived in several orphanages in New York City before reuniting with his family. He credited his survival and education to those special homes...

  • A Sale for Sam’s House Published April 21, 2009, 04:16 PM

  • Saturday’s annual yard sale in Morris benefits Nepalese orphans
    "A yard sale to benefit Sam’s House, an orphanage in Nepal, is Saturday, April 25, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the home of Chris Butler and Jennifer Rothchild in Morris. The sale is at 1007 Idaho Avenue, in Morris. Butler and Rothchild have hosted the family-run and community-based yard sale for Sam's House, which began in March 2007 as a home for abandoned and orphaned children in Nepal. For more information, see the Sam’s House Web site at Last year, despite an April snowstorm and temperatures just above freezing, the yard sale raised $2,081 for Sam's House, a total that will support the children's home for almost a month, including food, clothes, shelter, and school for 20 children plus livelihood for five adults. Sam's House is currently home to 22 children. All operational costs come from tax-deductible donations from the U.S. Sam's House is a federally recognized non-profit. All fundraising is done through events such as the yard sale. Sam's House is connected to and grounded in the Morris community: • Many Morris families are participating in this year's sale. • UMM students have gone to Nepal and volunteered at Sam's House, and many students plan to go in the future. • Butler and Rothchild teach courses at UMM and incorporate orphanages and children's welfare around the globe into the classes. • The UMM Running Club is planning to run for Sam's House in upcoming races, such as Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, raising money by having people pledge per mile. • Many Morris residents, as well as residents in surrounding communities, are interested in and committed to Sam's House, whether they volunteer their time for Sam's House fundraisers, donate their own money to the cause, or help us spread the word. • The home base for Sam's House is in Morris. "

    West-Central Minnesota


  • Nepal Missions Trip, from

  • *friend (Becky O.) going in the summer of 09'



  • CIA Factbook

  • "In 1951, the Nepalese monarch ended the century-old system of rule by hereditary premiers and instituted a cabinet system of government. Reforms in 1990 established a multiparty democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. A Maoist insurgency, launched in 1996, gained traction and threatened to bring down the regime, especially after a negotiated cease-fire between the Maoists and government forces broke down in August 2003. In 2001, the crown prince massacred ten members of the royal family, including the king and queen, and then took his own life. In October 2002, the new king dismissed the prime minister and his cabinet for "incompetence" after they dissolved the parliament and were subsequently unable to hold elections because of the ongoing insurgency. While stopping short of reestablishing parliament, the king in June 2004 reinstated the most recently elected prime minister who formed a four-party coalition government. Citing dissatisfaction with the government's lack of progress in addressing the Maoist insurgency and corruption, the king in February 2005 dissolved the government, declared a state of emergency, imprisoned party leaders, and assumed power. The king's government subsequently released party leaders and officially ended the state of emergency in May 2005, but the monarch retained absolute power until April 2006. After nearly three weeks of mass protests organized by the seven-party opposition and the Maoists, the king allowed parliament to reconvene on 28 April 2006. Following the November 2006 peace accord between the government and the Maoists, an interim constitution was promulgated and the Maoists were allowed to enter parliament in mid-January 2007. Parliamentary elections, orginally planned for June 2007, were postponed to November 2007."


  • Christian Solidarity Network
  • Miscellaneous

  • Info Please

  • "A landlocked country the size of Arkansas, lying between India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Nepal contains Mount Everest (29,035 ft; 8,850 m), the tallest mountain in the world. Along its southern border, Nepal has a strip of level land that is partly forested, partly cultivated. North of that is the slope of the main section of the Himalayan range, including Everest and many other peaks higher than 8,000 m."
  • Wikipedia

  • "Though a small territory, the landscape of Nepal is unusually diverse, ranging from the humid Terai in the south to the lofty Himalayas in the north. Eight of the world's ten highest mountains are in Nepal, including Mount Everest. The country is famous for: tourism, trekking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, national wildlife parks, jungle safaris, river rafting, sport fishing, and its many beautiful temples and places of worship."




  • Sam's House, an orphanage

  • *found this out through a garage sale fundraiser in-town (Morris, MN) this morning (Saturday, April 12th of 2008)
    Sam's House 2007

    "A video recap of our first year. Sam's House is a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Pokhara, Nepal. We need your continuing support."
  • Basnet named CNN Hero of the Year By Kyle Almond, CNN updated 7:45 AM EST, Mon December 3, 2012

  • "(CNN) -- Pushpa Basnet, a Nepalese woman who supports children so they don't have to live behind bars with their incarcerated parents, was named the 2012 CNN Hero of the Year on Sunday night.
    Nepal is one of the poorest countries, and space is very limited in the few group homes affiliated with the government. So when a parent is incarcerated and no other guardian can be found, children have little choice but to live in prison as well.
    Basnet, 29, is determined to give these children another option.
    She started a home in Kathmandu where children can receive education, food, medical care and a chance to live a more normal life. She also runs a day care program for children who are too young to be separated from their parent.
    "These children have done nothing wrong. They are simply caught in something they do not understand," Basnet said during "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute," which took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and honored her and the other top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012. "We want to work with the government to bring them all out from of prison. And they deserve a better future."
    Basnet talks to Anderson Cooper Portrait of a Hero: Pushpa Basnet Portrait of a Hero: Pushpa Basnet Best moments from the show Basnet's acceptance speech The top 10 Heroes: In their own words The top 10 Heroes: In their own words
    Since 2005, Basnet has helped more than 140 children through her nonprofit, the Early Childhood Development Center.
    Basnet was chosen as Hero of the Year through a nine-week public vote held on For being named CNN Hero of the Year, she receives $250,000 to continue her work. That is in addition to the $50,000 that each of the top 10 Heroes are receiving.
    When accepting the Hero of the Year award, Basnet relayed a message to incarcerated children in Nepal.
    "Mamu's going to take you out from the prison, and you're coming to my place," said Basnet, who is called "Mamu" by many of the children. "This is for my children, and this is for my country Nepal. Thank you so much everybody who voted for me and who believed in my dream."
    This is the sixth year of the CNN Heroes campaign. In that time, more than 180 CNN Heroes have been profiled on CNN, chosen from more than 45,000 nominations submitted through the CNN Heroes website.
    Each year, the campaign culminates with a live tribute show that brings together some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.
    The celebrities who took part in this year's show included movie stars Susan Sarandon, Adrien Brody, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Harvey Keitel and Josh Duhamel; athletes Jeff Gordon and Cullen Jones; and hip-hop artist 50 Cent. Television stars Rainn Wilson ("The Office"), Rico Rodriguez ("Modern Family"), Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Miranda Cosgrove ("iCarly") and David Spade ("Rules of Engagement") also participated.
    There were two musical performances during the show. "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips performed "Home," and three-time Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo sang "Heroes."
    Help Make a Difference Donate to a top 10 Hero's designated nonprofit, and Google will waive 100% of the transaction fees. Donate Subaru is proud to have matched contributions of $50,000 to the 2012 Top 10 CNN Heroes. Your contribution matters. Please help these everyday people change the world.
    In addition to receiving $50,000, this year's top 10 Heroes will also receive free training from the Annenberg Foundation, a leading supporter of nonprofits worldwide. Each Hero will receive a customized version of the Annenberg Alchemy program, which provides practical guidance on fundraising, communications, management and much more.
    "We have found that the most effective nonprofits are like the CNN Heroes -- organizations with strong and visionary leaders and a bold, new approach to getting the job done," said Wallis Annenberg, the foundation's president, CEO and chairman of the board. "Our hope is that in supporting them -- especially smaller nonprofits, still struggling to survive and to thrive -- we will help them get wider attention and become models across the world."
    Here are the top 10 Heroes of 2012, in alphabetical order:
    Pushpa Basnet Pushpa Basnet was shocked to learn that many children in Nepal have to live in prisons with their parents. In 2005, she started a children's center that has provided support, such as housing, education and medical care, to more than 140 children of incarcerated parents.
    Wanda Butts Wanda Butts lost her son in a drowning accident six years ago. In his memory, she started the Josh Project, a nonprofit that taught nearly 1,200 children -- most of them minorities -- how to swim. CNN Heroes hit the red carpet Time-lapse: See the stage come together Ne-Yo: A better future for foster kids Stiller: Using your name for good
    Mary Cortani Mary Cortani is a former Army dog trainer who started Operation Freedom Paws, a nonprofit that helps war veterans train their own service dogs. Since 2010, she has worked with more than 80 veterans who have invisible wounds such as post-traumatic stress disorder.
    Catalina Escobar Catalina Escobar is helping young moms in Colombia, where one in five girls age 15-19 is or has been pregnant. Since 2002, her foundation has provided counseling, education and job training to more than 2,000 teenage mothers.
    Razia Jan Razia Jan is fighting to educate girls in rural Afghanistan, where terrorists will stop at nothing to keep them from learning. She and her team at the Zabuli Education Center are providing a free education to about 350 girls, many of whom wouldn't normally have access to school.
    Thulani Madondo Thulani Madondo struggled as a child growing up in the slums of Kliptown, South Africa. Today, his Kliptown Youth Program provides school uniforms, tutoring, meals and activities to 400 children in the community.
    Leo McCarthy In memory of his daughter who was killed by a drunken driver in 2007, Leo McCarthy started Mariah's Challenge. The nonprofit gives college scholarships to teenagers who pledge not to drink while they're underage. Nearly $150,000 in scholarship money has been awarded.
    Connie Siskowski Connie Siskowski is helping young people who have to take care of an ill, disabled or aging family member. Since 2006, her nonprofit has provided assistance to more than 550 young caregivers in Palm Beach County, Florida.
    Scott Strode After beating his addiction to drugs and alcohol, Scott Strode found support through sports. Since 2007, his nonprofit, Phoenix Multisport, has provided free athletic activities and a sober support community to more than 6,000 participants in Colorado.
    Malya Villard-Appolon Malya Villard-Appolon is a rape survivor dedicated to supporting victims of sexual violence in Haiti. In 2004, she co-founded KOFAVIV, an organization that has helped more than 4,000 rape survivors find safety, psychological support and/or legal aid....


    *see Bible

  • Hope Church

  • Hope Church, Kathmandu, Nepal

    "We are a local church with a national vision and a global outlook"
    Nepali Christian Church

    "On October 28, 2007, the Nepali Christian Church sang for the celebration of International Sunday."


    Nepali Dance



    Bright Smiles for Nepal - Ministry Videos

    Bright Smiles for Nepal from gospelforasia on GodTube.


  • Bethany Missions International: Ministry Fields
  • *referred by Paul H. from my local church on 1/6/08
  • By Faith Christian Reality TV

  • "Mission in Nepal, from ByFaith Christian Reality TV. Episode 6 from Nepal. Family and youth entertainment."


    Nepali Christian Song

    " This video was made in Som TE in Darjeeling in one of my mission trip"
    Nepali Worship song
    *Lord I life Your Name on High..."

    "nepali worship song to be heard"


    Yadav people group profile with english subtitles low quality - Inspirational Videos

    Yadav people group profile with english subtitles low quality from godlovesyadav on GodTube.

    " Posted By godlovesyadav 5 months ago
    The Yadav are with 60 million people one of the largest unreached people groups of the world. They live in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and beyond. Harvest is plentiful, workers are few.... your prayers are precious, your donations highly appreciated and you presence is wanted! Come over and help us! (contact us online if you want a high quality DVD to use in your prayer meetings or church) "


    False Idols



    Personal testimonies

    "A New Year Celebration"


  • Lonely Planet

  • "Draped along the spine of the Himalaya, Nepal is a land of sublime scenery, time-worn temples, and some of the best hiking trails on earth. It's a poor country, but it is rich in scenic splendour and cultural treasures. The kingdom has long exerted a pull on the Western imagination."
  • Nepal, official gateway
  • Visit Nepal
  • -Attractions
    Nepal Mountain Guide
    *referred by Sameer on myspace chatroom (10.10.07)
    Mt Everest panorama

    "Clip of Mount Everest from the film Himalayan Dreams which follows my friend Muha as he treks from sea-level in the Maldives to the summit of Kaala Pattar in Nepal, which is at 5,500 metres."
    *see Tibet

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